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Политика конфиденциальности

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1.1. The website is a platform that is managed by an administrator and is implemented by the necessary suggestions below. This document has a binding, well-defined contractual force applied to all versions and devices in which platform services are available. The site’s access, comments or persons are notified and related to users of the terms of service. If you do not agree to these terms or the individual terms therein, please do not respond to this site.

2. Acceptance, related and action

2.1. These Terms of Service correctly represent the message between the administrator and the user that it contains for people on the website and platform. Applies only to registered and unregistered users.

2.2. The Terms of Service are effective as of the moment the User first responds to the site or creates a profile. They are applicable for every visit and use of the site and are valid until the User’s account is closed and / or the site data is suspended. The user is responsible for his actual connection to the information on the site and monitors his account.

3. Authorized use

3.1. The platform can meet with individuals, legal entities and organizations established and used in accordance with Bulgarian construction.

3.2. The user must use the access to the platform and the website, using the technological and means provided in it, to realize the effective functionality of the site and to comply with the law, must be sold and meet the requirements. All rights, property and legitimate interests of the site or in relation to the Platform that are not explicitly represented.

3.3. The Site contains texts, images, graphics, videos, trademarks, databases and software that are the property of the Administrator or his / her respective owners and are protected by copyright, related and other intellectual property rights by the Bulgarian, European and other applicable laws and international conventions . Reproduction of the content of the site in whole or in part may be done only with the written consent of the Administrator.

4. Changes in the General Terms and Conditions

4.1. The Administrator reserves the right to make changes to the terms of service, to accept and publish an updated or new version of the GMS. Unless otherwise stated, changes will take effect from the day they are posted on the Website.

4.2. The user is obliged to monitor and get acquainted with the current version of the General Terms and Conditions when using the platform. Any use of the Platform in any way will be deemed to be in agreement with the current published version of the Terms of Service.

4.3. If the User refuses to accept the current version of the General Terms and Conditions, the User should not use the platform in any way.