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About us

 We are the kind of people that turned their hobby into a successful business decision – what can be better than job and hobby to be the same thing? We started our activity by selling specialized foods, nutrition supplements and accessories to pigeons and in order to expand the range offered by us during the years we began pigeons rings production. At the moment our company EVRO 08 Ltd is a Balkan Peninsula leader in manufacturing
pigeons rings. 
        Our production is improved to the highest technological level. We use high quality materials, which guarantee resistance to UV rays, temperatures below zero, wetness, water and shock .
We produce two basic models of plastic / plastic rings with dimensions of 7,8,9 and 12mm diameter, which are  offered in a large colour scale and meet requirements of the accepted standards. Regarding our job we are not only traders but connoisseurs as well .
        Our clients are for England, Austria, Germany, Holland, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece, Turkey , Ukraine and etc.

For questions , opinions and contacts, please use the enclosed e-mail. We appreciate the feedback as we often find in it, not only information, but also regulator.